Guest Policies

“Thank you for staying at Hidden Harbor.  We strive to provide a clean, safe and comfortable environment to make your stay here a pleasurable one.  We would appreciate it if you would help us maintain this standard.

Rooms are $115.00 per night plus taxes – $805.00 per week plus taxes

Check In Time is 3:00 p.m. or later / Check Out Time is 10:00 a.m.

Camp Policies:  For the comfort and safety of all our guests –


No fishing from the docks where boats are slipped.

The cable across the driveway is there for your privacy and security.  Please replace it  when you “enter or exit” the camp.

A fish cleaning station is provided; do not clean fish, fry, or bake fish in your rooms. Use outside grills. Please keep the fish cleaning area clean! Dispose of all fish carcass and parts 100’ offshore.

Bag all trash and put it in the dumpster in the back of cottages during your stay and at the end of your stay.

Please use recyclable bins properly. Paper, glass, plastic & trash sorted.

Keep the porch and area in front of your room clean and free of hazards.

Keep parking & ramp area clear of trailers, boats, cars, and trucks.

Do not block or park in front of the dumpster. No fish guts in the dumpster please, bring them 100ft out in the lake.

Please fill your boat & gas cans at a gas station before you arrive, no filling of gas cans in your docked boat at the harbor. Keep the harbor contaminant-free, it is delicate.

This camp is a tobacco-free facility. No Smoking.  You will be charged for damages or excessive cleaning due to failure to adhere to this policy.

No shooting of guns, archery, or any type of firearms on Hidden Harbor’s property at any time.

No fireworks.

Children are welcome at Hidden Harbor, for the children’s safety and the comfort of all our guests, parents are responsible at all times for children and are expected to oversee their children.

Family pets/animals are not permitted. No Pets.

While there is no guest curfew, quiet time is observed between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.  Please keep music low and conversations outside quiet so as not to wake sleeping guests!

No invitation parties, room guests only

Please do not leave doors or windows open when the air conditioner or heating system is on.

A supply of paper products, shampoo, and soap is provided.  If you need additional supplies they can be purchased at our local stores.

Do not remove the camp’s towels, dishcloths, etc. from the rooms to use in boats, for cleaning fish, like beach towels, or any similar use.

Please leave the room in the condition you found it.  This includes washing dishes, emptying trash, sweeping up, returning furnishings to their original location, etc.

We reserve the right to terminate the stay of any guest or refuse future reservation requests of any guest, who does not respect the guest policies of Hidden Harbor.